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Alone in cab-Every girl must carry this tool.

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

It is scary to travel in cab alone. Especially when you are a girl. Your heart beat jumps up when a cab driver takes a turn that is not according to google maps. You start thinking of ways to escape when this happens. Even the window can be locked from the driver seat and the doors are obviously locked. Your voice won't be heard by anyone in this situation from outside.

Analysing this situation we are presenting to you tools that are must have for women to get out of such situations. These products are the best gift that you can give to any women whose life is most precious to you.

  • Window breaker tool - This tool is especially designed to break windows of a car with just one push. Just remember to target the side of the window and not the centre of window. Get from -> Window breaker

How it works ? watch video

  • Devil Will Cry tool -> You broke the window but how will you stop the car ? For that this excellent tool Devil Will Cry is needed. Get from -

This branded self defense tools are trusted by law enforcement people aswell and used wordwide for safety against Molestation, Car robbery, House robbery, Anti-Kidnapping, etc.

Click to check all the too

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